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Threads for Lace

Threads for Lace Edition 7


cover page Edition 7


This is a comprehensive survey of as many different threads as I have been able to obtain.
The threads are listed in groups under fibre type and then alphabetically by manufacturer.
This is followed by comparisons of thread thicknesses based on wraps/cm.

Edition 7 includes all the threads featured in Edition 6 plus all of those from Addendum 6,
a total of almost 1,900 threads.

RRP in UK is £11.25

All editions of this book are now sold out and I have no plans at present to republish in any format.

I am still maintaining the Addendum lists.
Addenda 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are complete. Addendum 7 is ongoing.

To have a complete list of all threads you need the Addendum list of the same number as your copy Edition plus all earlier Addenda.

View Addendum List 1

View Addendum List 2

View Addendum List 3

View Addendum List 4

View Addendum List 5

View Addendum List 6

View Addendum List 7

For information about current threads and manufacturers click here

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