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Brenda's Paintings

I have been attending Adult Education Painting and Drawing classes for several years now,
originally to improve my drawing skills for lace design but it has become a hobby in its own right.
I have tried using most mediums; acrylic is perhaps the most successful and I like using ink and wash for quick sketches.

Recently I have been using my iPad for producing artwork.

Here are a few of my more successful pictures.
Please be patient whilst they load.

Three Artists; pink and green

Three Artists; Pink and Green
52cm x 40cm, acrylic on board.
Fellow art students at Gravesend AEC

Winter Trees
15cm x 45cm, acrylic on board
Poplar trees at Cliffe in winter.

winter treesn
DarkIslands - 8Kb

Dark Islands
77cm x 24cm, acrylic on board.
One of my early paintings

Down the Alley
50cm x 68cm, acrylic on board
Another early painting.

Down the Alley - 19Kb
Rochester Cathederal - 16Kb

Rochester Cathedral
46cm x 46cm, acrylic on board.
Like 'Down the Alley' this was painted
entirely with a knife.

Sam Swimming
24cm x 20cm, pastel on paper.
Sam in the Lake District when he was a puppy.

Sam Swimming - 13Kb
Bluebells in Shorne Woods - 15Kb

Bluebells in Shorne Country Park
33cm x 48cm, acrylic on paper.
Deceptively close to the main A2 trunk road.

Storm Clouds
32cm x 22cm, watercolour on paper.
A medium I find very difficult.

Storm Clouds - 13Kb
Parasol - 15Kb

Parasol and Flowers
48cm x 38cm, ink & bleach with a little watercolour.
A first attempt at this medium.

Sunset over Belgian Coast
24cm x 20cm, pastel on paper.
A misty November afternoon.

Belgium - 14Kb
Postbox - 19Kb

The Old Postbox
20cm x 30cm, ink on paper.
About five miles away at Beluncle near Hoo,
I posted my Christmas cards there last year.

Ian's Guitar
28cm x 45cm, acrylic on paper.
Into Abstraction

IansGuitar - 14Kb
Three Shells - 12Kb

Three Shells
35cm x 27cm, oil on paper.
Another first attempt, this time with oils.

Chertsey's Gate, Rochester
33cm x 47cm, brush pen with watercolour.
One of the historic parts of old Rochester

Chertseys Gate - 15Kb
Watchtower at Upnor - 9Kb

Watch Tower at Upnor
33cm x 47cm, pastel and pencil on paper.
The tower looks over Chatham Dockyard.

Cobham Village
42cm x 22cm, brush pen and watercolour.
I didn't include the horses that tried to block my view!

Cobham - 10Kb
Chalk Church - 12Kb

Chalk Church
35cm x 47cm, brush pen and watercolour.
Northern side, painted between showers.

Bridge House, Ambleside
61cm x 42cm, acrylic and pastel on board.
A much painted landmark.

Bridge House, Ambleside - 14Kb
Lamp with Flowers - 14Kb

Lamp and Flowers
38cm x 38cm, charcoal and gouache.
My first frameable picture.

12cm x 12cm, ink on paper.
A challenge to observe and draw.

Shell - 8Kb
Stile - 17Kb

The Old Stile
acrylic on paper, 40cm x 50cm.
High summer in the Kentish countryside.

Pansies and Bell
38cm x 28cm, acrylic and oil pastel.
I still have the pansies,
they are made of silk.

Pansies and bell - 15Kb
Irises - 15Kb

25cm x 20cm, ink on paper.
A quick study using a hand cut reed pen.

29cm x 20cm, ink and wax pastel on paper.
Shrivelled and papery; lovely texture.

Sunflower - 21Kb
Cobham Church - 17Kb

Cobham Church Tower
45cm x 65cm, acrylic on board.
Another knife applied, heavy impasto painting.

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