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Addendum to Threads for Lace

List completed 14th January 2003

Linen Threads
Ainsworth's Linen thread, 2 cordNo 352S21
Barbours Best Linen Lace ThreadNo 602S24
Barbours Linen CrochetNo 403S17
No 503S18
No 603S19
W Barbour & Son 'Sphinx' linenNo 403Z17
Bockens linen100/22S30
Bouc linen302S19
C&F linen902S33
DMC Lin pour Dentelles304S18
DMC Lin Floche1502S40
C&F Fil Coeur de lin, Extra fou (500)40t3S40
Gütermann linen2Z19
Harris linen lace threadNo 502S24
Inena Prize (Czech)2S23
Knox's LC203S18
Knox's Dragon603S24
Knox's Falcon1202S39
Knox's FlossNo 72S12
knox's linen crochet No10 3S12
Lnèné nité (Czech)3S18
Londonderry linen (ACCESS Commodities USA)80/33S23
Moravia linen50/44S16
Obuvnicka nit' (Czech)No 123Z20
No 303Z25
No 403Z28
Prize na palickovani (Czech)2S23
Pipers Silks - linen120/22S34
Texlen Trutnov (Czech)43 x 33S19
P H Vrau Au Chinoise, Fil Perfectionne, Lin Extra Supérieur503S19
Wolf Brand Linen Carpet ThreadNo183S10

Cotton Threads
Anchor Machine Embroidery802Z60
Aurifil Mako Egyptian long staple12 wt2Z18
28 wt2Z26
40 wt2Z36
50 wt2Z40
Briggs Hedebo Crochet402S/3Z20
Cartier Bresson Perle a la Croix2S14
Cartier Bresson A la Croix454S27
Coats Floretta202S/3Z17
Coats Freccio filo di Scozia (Italian)163Z17
Coats Virtuoso3Z13
Coats Musica82S13
Coats Pellicano Perlato (Italian)122Z15
J & P Coats 6-Cord (100yd reel)402S/3Z33
J & P Coats Best 6-Cord (older 300 yd reel)402Z/3S33
J & P Coats Cotton404Z31
Copley Marshall Wildspur Pearl Crochet1002S/3Z30
Cosmo Embroidery (Japanese)2S/6Z10
single strand2S26
Czech Sewing ThreadTriana3Z32
No 404S28
No 442Z35
No 50/Nora2Z35
Delta Spinning & Weaving Co,
Egyptian waxed, combed cotton62/22S42
J Dewhurst & Sons,
Extra quality prepared for Singer503Z38
DMC Brilliante202Z28
DMC Cordonnet Special202S/3Z17
Dewhurst's Sylko PerleNo 52Z10
No 82Z14
Domino Stopfgarn Merzerisiert2S/3Z10
single strand2S21
DMC Perle32S8
Eagley Sewing Machine thread
Art No K1253Z32
English Sewing Ltd, Dewhurst's Sylko, machine twist403Z27
Egyptian Gassed cotton185/22S82
Kantklossen Ep cotton170/22S74
Greenwoods Mercer Crochet403Z22
Kordonet (Czech)No 302S/3Z28
No 802S/3Z26
Kreinik Branston Mercerized150/22Z48
Lesur Pixie20s2S/3Z18
Mettler Quilting Art No 13640/32Z28
Mettler Silk Finish Art No 10550/33Z30
Originalt Dansk Blomstergarn2S20
Oliver Twists Cottonfine2S21
Oliver Twists Stranded2S/6Z10
single strand2S28
Egyptian waxed, combed cotton62/22S42
Extra quality prepared for Singer503Z38
Oliver Twists Cotton Chenillethick2S+5
Perlovka (Czech)2S14
Phildar Fil d'ecosse Perle52S14
Sewswell Ukanboil2S/3Z11
single strand2S29
Snehurka (Czech)3S13
Squirrel BCT Mouline (Slovak)2S/6Z10
single strand2S26
Sullivans Candlewicking3S18
Tootal Sylko Mercerised503Z31
Tootal Sylko Perle embroidery2S11
JG & Co Machine TwistNo 363Z30
Perla or TEX Vysivaci prize (Czech)4S17
Walrus Basting cotton402S37
YLI Select2Z34

Silk Threads
Acorn Machine silk3Z36
Anderman silk (reeled)100/33Z33
Atlas Pure Buttonhole Twist (reeled)3Z22
Au ver a Soie twist silk2/202Z54
Bourne & Hollingsworth
machine silk (reeled)3Z31
Kreinik Soie Gobeline (reeled)2Z29
Kreinik Soie Perlee (reeled)3Z17
Kreinik Organzine (reeled)2S68
Kreinik au ver a soie, Soie Perlee3Z18
Kreinik au ver a Soie (Spun)100/33Z32
Lia Baumeister-Jonker's silk#2503S60
Jamieson's Sewings
pure dye (reeled)stout2S19
Oliver Twists (spun)fine2S25
Ovale au ver a Soie113
Pipers Silks Silk Gimp4804S17
Pipers Silks Heather Gimp (reeled)3Z/3S15
Tire Silk (reeled) (Japanese)Buttonhole - 83Z18
Quilters - 203Z19
Line Stitch - 303Z23
Machine Twist - 503Z35
Pearsall's Silk for fly tying
Star Brand Net Machine silk243Z31
Trebizond silk (reeled)3Z12
Ulster Arcade Extra Super Machine silk3Z31
The Winner Ex Super Machine silk3Z37
Thw Winner Machine silk
(for Reece machines)503Z36

Synthetic & Man-Made Threads
Clarks Embroidery Cotton2Z33
Coats Drima3Z33
nb: Drima by Amman2Z33
Coats Gossamer, 100% polyester3Z37
Coats Extra Strong (Knopfzwirn) 75% polyester, 25% cotton3Z17
English Sewing Ltd, Sylko Supreme, cotton covered polyester2Z35
Gutermann Embroidery2Z36
(100% viscose)
Hamola Rayon Crochet3Z13
Kordonet (Czech)No 2063Z13
Rajmahal Art Silk stranded (viscose)2Z/6S10
Monovic Invisible Thread (100% nylon)mono60
MORE embroidery silk (Rayon) 2Z29
Oliver Twists Ribbon (Rayon)chain4
Ovale Artificielle (Rayonne)115
Robin Crochet (Courtelle)2S/4Z10
Sandelon Multipurpose, spun polyester2Z32
Scansilk 100% Rayon2Z33

Glitter Threads
Altin Basak Simla (90% cotton, 10% metallic)502Z/3Z+117
Birch Craft Metalic Machine Embroidery, rayon/polyesterwrap42
Madeira Metallic No 40Art 9843wrap42
Madeira MetallicNo 7wrap42
Kreinik Japan 65% nylon, 35% polyesterNo 7wrap12
DMC Fil Metallise 60% rayon, 40% lameArt 2722S/3Z21
DMC Fil Or ChineArt 2732Z/2S20
Kreinik Japan 65% nylon, 35% polyesterNo 7wrap12
Madeira MetallicNo 7wrap42
Madeira Metallic No 40Art 9843wrap42
Madeira MetallicArt 8002wrap41
Madeira Nora 38% viscose, 20% polyester metallicArt 9613chain9
Oliver Twists Sparklechain9
Rotex MHR-TYPE 60% rayon viscose, 34% metallicknit7
Sashiko Metallic2Z39
Sashiko Metallic Pearl2Z39
Scanfil Metallic (Australian)wrap37
Sylko Metallicwrap40
Texlen Metalux (Czech) 100% mamilon-pokovene2S29
Texlen Rexana (Czech) 60% polyester, 40% pokovene vlakno3Z23
Texlen Rexeta (Czech) 59% polyamide, 41% metalisovany polyester2S43
Texlen Tileko (Czech) 73% viskoza, 27% Pokovene vlaknowrap 42
Texlen Titano (Czech) 62% viscoza, 38% Rexor-pokovene wrap34
Texlen Titolo (Czech) 62% viscoza, 38% Rexor-pokovenewrap20
Texlen Zlatka (Czech) 73% Rexor-pokovene, 27% viskoza4S20

This is the complete Addendum list for Edition 1 of Threads for Lace.
All these threads have been included in all later Editions 2.

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