Brenda's Sewing

I cant'r remember not sewing. As a child I used to make clothes for my dollies rather than feed them, bath them and put them to bed and then as a young teenager pocket money went further if I could make somethng rather than buy it.

My Mum wasn't a needleworker but my Dad's family were. My Grandma used to do fine crochet and knitted socks for Dad, her sister Annie was an excellent knitter although she wouldn't use more than one colour at a time as it "made her eyes go funny." Their eldest sister, Nel who died back in 1921 had been a profession dressmaker and bits and pieces of her "stash" was still forthcoming forty years later. I still have a packet of hand sewing needles which had belonged to Aunt Nel.

old sewing needle packet Aunt Nel's sewing needles
Aunt Nel's needles. After almost a century they are still usable, though not quite as smooth as a good quality modern sewing needle.


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