Coloured Thread Availability

I am often asked which threads are available in colours. Excluding stranded embroidery, metallics, weaving yarns from specialist suppliers and here-today-gone-tomorrow ranges; to the best of my knowledge these are the threads which are currently avaiable in a reasonable range of colours.

Bockens linen 35/2 60/2
Goldschid (Londonderry in USA) linen 30/3 50/3 66/3 80/3 (NeL)
Moravia linen 40/2 50/4

Amann Sylko
YLI Colours
DMC Special Dentelles
Venus crochet/tatting cotton 70
Anchor fil a Dentelles
Most brands of Perle (DMC, Anchor, Venus, Finca, Valdani)
Colcoton 34/2 70/2
DMC Broder machine (Brilliante) 30 50
Madeira Tanne (cotona is the same thread on smaller reels and in less colours)
Space dyed and variagated cottons from Caron & Oliver Twists
Presencia sewing cotton
Valdani 35wt, 50wt, 60wt, Perle 8, 12

Gutermann spun silk 100/3
Several ranges of Piper Silk, Tire silk

Rayon machine embroidery threads from Madeira, Sulky, Natesh, Coronation.

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