Needlelace Mat - Made in China?

Is this hand made or hand assembled?

The mat is 32" long

The close-up image on my 15" monitor displays at 100% life size.

A very similar piece of Chinese needle lace - with a hole in the outer row of filling

Second mat as it now is with outer area of fillings removed.

Detail of the second piece of Chinese needle lace unpicked.

The light coloured thread making the filling stitches works back and forth and passes around a single dark coloured outline thread. Two more dark cordonnet threads lie close to the first darker thread and have been buttonhole stitched over.
Also the angle of the filling stitchies gradually turned through 360º as the work progressed around the mat.
This is hand made needle lace.

This is detail of a similar mat found by Ilske Thomsen in an antique market near to Hamburg in Germany. It is a very close cousin to my two mats.

For comparison the scan below is of piece of Venetian needle lace made by a Hand-Machine, sent to me by Angela Thompson

The basis of this lace is a weaving in-and-out stitch - yes the machine can do this - and the little raised outlines and coronnes are made separtely, by the same machine, and then stitched on by hand. From a distance, it is a very good copy and must have taken a lot of time and expertise.


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