A Sewing Challenge to Myself

In August I bought a 10Kg lucky dip parcel from Immanuel Fabrics during their first live on-line sale.
When the parcel arrived there were 17 fabrics, plus two others purchased separately.
My challenge is to see how much I can make up before the end of the year.

black floral crepe blue georgette brown viscose coffee check cream crepe

Black, yellow and red printed viscose.
2.9m x 140cm

Wide leg trousers?

Blue, black, grey and white print polyester georgette.
1.7m x 150cm

Blouse/top? Baby dress with added white?

Brown and red printed viscose

3.1m x 140cm


Coffee and brown checked polyester suiting.
1.6m x 145cm

Not my colours but maybe a skirt?

Cream and navy printed crepe

3.5m x 150cm


crepe satin linen stretch jersey leopardskin navy crepe

Lightweight printed crepe/satin

2.8m x 150cm

Shirt? Baby dress?

White linen type

1.7m x 142cm

Panel skirt?

Printed stretch jersey

1.1m x 150cm

Jsut about enough for leggings

Leopard skin print stretch plush jersey.
2.2m x 150cm

Long Cardigan

Navy floral print polyester crepe

1.6m x 150cm


pink jersey tartan jersey red jersey silver jersey striped jersey

Heavyweight stretch jersey

2.6m x 150cm

Hoodie jacket

Burgandy and black printed tartan stretch jersey.
4.0m x 165cm

Winter dress and leggings

Printed heavyweight jersey

3.2m x 150cm

Baby pinafore dress?

Silver on grey printed single jersey
2.3m x 150cm


Stretchy striped jersey

2.1m x 165cm


stretchy jersey cotton sateen   sparkle jersey pineapple scuba

Stretch crepe jersey

2.7m x 180cm

Tee shirt top

Printed ctretch cotton sateen

2.2m x 150cm

shirt and jumpsuit


Sparkly silver single jersey

2m x 165cm

Christmas top?

black pineapple print scuba

2m x 150cm

Jacket? trousers?



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