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Torchon Mat with Spiders

16cm x 16cm

spider mat . . pricking

Printer friendly pricking

Original worked with DMC Special Dentelles and a Perle 12 for the worker and outer passive
Requires 32 pairs of bobbins:
12 pairs brown, 9 pairs orange 9 pairs cream, about 30 w/cm
1 pair cream for worker, 1 pair cream for outer passive, about 20 w/cm

Techniques used: spiders and coronet shell edge.
When I can locate the piece of lace I will add a bigger picture!

The pattern will be changed again sometime during 2011

The choice of bobbin lace pattern published on this page is determined by popular vote.

The choices for the next pattern are:

zig-zag mat cross round mat
Zig-zag edging 17cm x 17cm
The corner is computer generated, not mitred.
Cross design, computer generated from a square mat pattern.
15cm x 12cm
Celtic braid and scalloped edge torchon mat. 16cm diameter.

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