One Pattern; Many Bookmarks

There are lots of ways of interpreting a torchon lace pattern including the introduction of colour in various ways and working different grounds and stitches. From one very simple pattern I have worked several different bookmarks.

The pattern can be downloaded as a .pdf file in five different sizes. The samples shown are all worked on the 2mm grid size which ideally suits a 30 wraps/cm size thread, but I have used thicker and thinner threads to show different effects in some of the samples.

Photo gallery
DMC Broder machine 30 (32 w/cm) with Bart & Francis Prisma Chrystal 60/2 (21 w/cm) for the outer passive pairs and the ground pairs which surround the spiders. The ground is CTpCT but to change direction of the contrast pair it was necessary to work CTCTpCTCT in the corners either side of the spider.

Download pricking (365Kb)
The image should fit onto an A4 sheet, but if your printer requires you to choose between
cropping or scaling the image choose the crop option to preserve the correct sizes.

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