2022 Diary

After completing the Fibre Arts Take Two online course 'Making Connections' tutored by Cas Holmes in the latter part of 2021 I decided to make a year long project in the form of a diary recording things I have made along with significant national and international events.

The techniques used are essentially those taught by Cas including wet collage and various found items, but during 2022 I took two more FATT courses, 'Inspired by Nature' with Tara Axford and' Perfectly Imperfect' with Lorna Crane; there are lots of bits from both of those courses incorporated into this work, especially the gelli printing from Tara's course and the adventurous brush marks made with Lorna. Also hand and free machine embroidery

The overal dimensions are about 26cm x 19cm x 5cm.
'Perfectly Imperfect' sums up the cover - and the contents! Or is it wabi-sabi?

Cobham Hall - an Elizabethan manor house near Gravesend, Kent. ""
I made my Large Hadron Collider skirt during lockdown.

Storm Eunice demolished one of three chimneys at Grain power station, which from a distance looked like candles on a birthday cake.
A small piece of twig collected after the storm for use in making vignettes with Tara is included in this page

Meetings of Medway branch of Kent Family History Society resumed after months of covid restrictions.
There is gelli printed fabric in this page and several other pages which I used for the collage workshop with Fiona Spirals.


William Fairall was my 5x great grandfather who was hanged for smuggling.''
Eternal Lake nature reserve is in Cliffe. Lots of teazles grow in the area.

There are two churchyards with Allhallows church, the ancient one dating back maybe to Saxon times, and a newer one caross the road which opened in 1906
is my Pilates teacher. Pilates helps to keep me mobile as I get older.

This page includes some of the mark making made in Lorna's FATT course and a feather to represent one of the home made brushes.
I made a steampunk owl in a TACKS workshop, which was worthy of being framed. My steampunk owl before it was framed.
TACKS - Textile Art Craft Knitting and Sewing is a club which meets once a month in Meopham village hall.


This page includes various bits and bobs from mark making done with Cas and with Lorna.
For a few days the temperature was aproaching 40 degrees Centigrade.

The fabric flowers from theworkshop I led at TACKS.
Binney Farm is on Alhallows marsh, about ten minutes walk from home, here are the sunflowers.
Three of the vessels made with Lorna Crane.


Neave on her birthday. ''''
MAC is Medway Archives Centre.

Maudie, Terry's aunt by marriage; a lovely lady who died during lockdown in October 2020 aged 94.
I served five and a half years on the KFHS committee before being copted as Secretary in 2016. AGM marked ten years on the committee but I didn't escape, I was elected as an ordinary committee member.
M&C Art is Medway and Chalk Art Group.
The time-line project is my as-and-when project with MAC listing various events in the Hoo peninsula parishes over time.

Our Christmas lights.
For us the covid infection was was not too severe, rather like a head cold although for a couple of days energy levels were very low.