iPad Artwork

After a considerable period of Artist's Block I discovered the work done by David Hockney on his iPad and decided to have a try myself.

It's a very different medium to work with and there was quite a steep learning curve, but I have managed to produce a few acceptable pictures using the App InspirePro.

first attempt trees after Hockney
My very first iPad drawing
2nd try - a row of trees
3rd drawing - 'After Hockney'
My first three drawings done with the iPad; learning more about the drawing tools with each attempt.


winter trees and fence

From this drawing I learned that it would be impossible to make any changes to the background behind the twigy trees.

All iPad drawings need to be worked from distance, through middle to foreground.

A similar sort of drawing with twiggy leafless trees, but this time I completed the sky before adding the trees.

Worked from a photograph taken in October in Bruges.

Bruges sunset
3 men in a boat I love the way colours can be blended for the sky - water is a bit more difficult!

To date this is the digi painting I am most pleased with. The colours were blended for both sky and sea and the palm tree sillouhette added last.

From a photograph taken in Grand Baie, Mauritious.

Sunset over Grand Baie

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