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Some Special Lace Bobbins

Unless otherwise stated all of the pictures on this page are of bobbins from my own collection. If you find the same image on any other website it has been used without my permission.

hookie bobbin

Specialist styles of lace bobbins include 'hookies' for use with metallic threads which will not hold a hitch well
Maker Derek Earnshaw

hooded bobbin open
hooded bobbin closed

In Germany and Austria hooded bobbins are often used. The bobbin is wound upside-down and the wooden hood keeps the thread clean.
Maker unknown

Some of the more decorative bobbins show a high degree of skill by the makers. Here are some examples.

silver wrapped and inscribed bone bobbin

A bone bobbin with a straight inscription and a wrap of silver metal
Maker Eric Sutton

bone bobbin with inlaid mother of pearl and paint decoration

This bobbin is painted and has inserts of mother of pearl.
Maker Eric Sutton

painted bone bobbin

This bone bobbin has paint applied in hollowed out depressions.
Maker Stephen Pearce.

pierced bone bobbin

In this bone bobbin the inside of the shank has been hollowed out.
Pierced bobbins such as these are sometimes called 'church-windows'
Maker Stuart Johnson.

peppper-pot bobbin

More hollowing and small beads inserted into the void to make this 'pepper-pot'
Maker Nicholas Perrin.

mother and triplet bobbin

This is called a 'mother and babe' bobbin. This one has three 'babes' but anything from one to five can be made.
Maker Barry Adams

cow and calf bobbin closed
cow and calf bobbin open

At first sight this looks just like a fairly large midlands bobbin but it pulls apart to reveal a miniature bobbin attached to the lower part of the shank.
This type of bobbin is called a 'cow-in-calf'.
Maker unknown.

jack in the box bobbin closed
jack in the box bobbin open

This is a fairly big unspangled bobbin which pulls apart to reveal a
loose miniature bobbin inside. It is known as a 'jack-in-the-box'
Maker unknown.

jingle bobbin

This bobbin has two loose wooden rings around the shank - originally made from one piece of wood. It is called a 'jingle'.
Maker Peter White.

Bucks Thumper

This old South Bucks Thumper has several loose rings of pewter. It has also had a spangle added at some time although traditionally Thumpers were used unspangled.
Maker unknown.

bobbin with cross carved into shank

This bobbin has a cross carved into the shank; a souvenir bought at Canterbury Cathederal.
Maker unknown.

bone insert in ebony bobbin

A combination of ebony and bone.
Maker Simon Toustou

bobbin with inset diamantes

This bobbin has glass 'gems' inset into it.
Maker Matthew Hester

Danish bone bobbin with beads

This Danish bone bobbin has two circles of beads around the bulbous end.
Maker unknown

home made bobbin

This is a home made bobbin - made from thin dowelling and pony and wooden beads glued together.

pierced danish bobbin

One of a pair of pierced Danish bobbins from the Cultural Museum in Tønder.
The hollow bulb contains a glass bead which tinkles as the bobbin is moved about.
A gift from a former Secret Pal, Dianna.
Maker Unknown

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