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Lace Bobbins Made from a Variety of Materials

The commonest material for lace bobbins is wood; most types of wood with a fine grain are suitable.
Traditionally native fruitwoods were used, more recently exotic hardwoods have been used.

Unless otherwise stated all of the pictures on this page are of bobbins from my own collection. If you find the same image without credit, on any other website it has been used without my permission.

mermaid shaped bobbin

American Redwood bobbin, in the shape of a mermaid.
Maker Kenn Van-Deiren

carerpillar bobbin

A bone bobbin with painted spots in the shape known as 'caterpillar'
Maker David Springett.

In addition to wood and bone, lace bobbins are sometimes made from a variety of other materials.

ivory bobbin

The majority of bobbins labelled as 'ivory' are in fact bone. This one is ivory and was made from a veneer cutter's remnant
Maker Barry Adams.

bobbin made from deer antler

This one is made from deer antler.
Maker Ernie Frid.

brass bobbin

This bobbin is brass - a souvenir from Bedford museum back in the 1970s.
Even with lightweight plastic spangles it is heavier than usual and affects tension.
Maker unknown.

glass bobbin

This bobbin is glass, but is not too fragile to use.
Maker unknown.

glass bobbin with metal insert

This one is made from a glass tube with a twisted metal insert.
Maker Malcolm Fowler.

bobbin made from corian

A Bucks Thumper made from corian, a synthetic material used for kitchen worktops.
Maker and owner Jim Stavast

moulded plastic bobbin

One of several styles of moulded plastic bobbins which are now available.

acrylic bobbin

Wooden head and neck with acrylic shank - as used for fountain pen barrels
Maker Alan Hazel

paper bobbin

Paper bobbin made by myself.

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