Richard Munn and Elizabeth Holdaway
my 2 x gt grandparents

Richard was baptized at Horton Kirby in October 1808, son of John Munn and his wife (Sophia).
Elizabeth was baptized at Southfleet in May 1814, daughter of James and Susan Holdaway.

Richard and Elizabeth were married at St Mary's, Chatham in August 1835 and although they were both 'of the parish' I have found nothing else to link either of them with the Medway Towns. Possibly one or both had found employment in Chatham.

For the first few years after the marriage they lived in Northfleet; in 1841 their address was Alfred Place, Northfleet. About 1844 they moved to Botney Cottages, Milton, where they were still living in 1871 and in 1881 they were living with their son John at 8 Range Road, Milton.

Richard was a labourer and in 1871 Elizabeth was a laundress.

Milton in the 1860s
Milton as Richard and Elizabeth would have known it in the 1860s.

The building to the left of the picture was the National School, known locally as 'The Duckpond School' and was built in 1861.
It was used as a school until the 1930s after which it served as a parish hall until demolished in the 1970s.
(I went to Brownie meetings there in the late 1950s.)

Botney Cottages were a few hundred yards along road which runs to the left between the church and the school.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

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