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Holiday pictures from Cuba

We stayed on the Hicacos Peninsular near Varadero on the north coast of Cuba.
The peninsular is about ten miles long but only half a mile wide, and dedicated to tourism.
To the north west it is edged by white coral sand and the Florida Straits.
To the south east there are mangrove keys and a nature reserve.

banana boat.jpeg - 3922 bytes banana boat.jpeg - 2469 bytes

The warm sea was turquoise blue.
This is Terry and Lucy falling off a "banana boat"

banana flower.jpeg - 68Kb

and this is Terry looking at a real banana flower.

horse & carriage.jpeg - 40Kb road-train.jpeg - 35Kb

Transport to and from the town of Varedero could be by taxi, minibus, open-top bus,
or more interestingly, in a horse and carriage or a road-train.

Plaza Singers.jpeg - 26Kb

In town we visited the Plaza Americas shopping centre
where we were serenaded by latin-American singers.

pelican on lake

Terry spent a lot of time watching the native birds.
This is the shallow lake opposite the hotel.
There is a pelican sitting right in the middle of it.

Lucy & Dean on a Jetski - 5Kb Lucy& Dean at speed - 3436 bytes

We rode on jet-skis around the mangrove swamp
This is Lucy and Dean about to set off, and again at full speed.

flamingos - 30Kb

We stopped at the nature reserve in the mangrove key, these are some flamingos who live there.

Brenda holding an alligator - 16Kb

and this is Brenda holding an alligator.

raining.jpeg - 51Kb

Most of the time the weather was very warm and humid, too hot for our tastes,
but during a tropical storm it really rains.
This is the rain running off the thatched roof of the hotel's poolside bar.

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