Rail Fence blocks Quilt

Lots of three strip squares set on point with a gradation of colour so that the lighter squares are in the centre of the quilt, setting triangles, a pieced border and a proper binding. The backing is part of a poly cotton sheet and some strips of poly cotton from my stash together with the left over bits from the patches.

Because I'm not good at quilting I decided to tie this one together and used narrow (1.5mm) polyester ribbon. That meant using a darning needle with an eye big enough to thread the ribbon into - and that had to be pulled through the whole lot (at the corners of the squares) with pliars! In the process I completely destroyed five needles by breaking the eyes with the force needed to pull it all through! On the positive side I was pleased with the way the setting triangles fitted.

rail fence quilt back
The complete quilt showing an area of lighter patches in the middle.
The back showing the piecing and also the tiny dots where the ties are.
Detail of a corner.

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