Lilac and Green Quilt

This was my second go at machine piecing. Varying widths of strips were joined together with the colours going from light to dark each time. Then the strips were cut into squares and then diagonally into triangles. This produced some light triangles and some dark triangles. The triangles were then stitched together matching light to light and dark to dark, and then the 2x2 blocks were made. The instructions for this came from Margaret J Miller's book Strips that Sizzle.

The sashing and backing was a poly cotton bed sheet, which doesn't look too bad but in places it isn't quite square because some of the patches have stretched along the pieced sides but not along the continuous sides. I used polyester wadding and the backing was attached by bagging it and then some in the ditch quilting to hold it all together.

quilt detail
Not quite big enough for a bed, but useful as a throw.
Detail showing the light and dark triangles

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