'Clarice Cliff' Quilt

This started with a panel of five different motifs and a matching all-over fabric.

I pieced the motif squares and yellow squares with black and orange sticks and stones sashing. Then I added the inner green flap (like piping without the cord) and the whole lot was appliqued to a large square of the patterned fabric by stitching over the seams of the flaps. I could then cut away the middle of the patterned fabric and save the piece, which is about the size of a fat quarter, for a future project.

I cut the strips for the borders making sure that the sides were cut lengthways and the top and bottom were across the width in order to keep the pattern the right way up. There is another green flap between the two parts of the border and yellow cornerstones and finished with a narrow black binding. Cotton sheeting for the backing.

There is a bit of quilting in the ditch but I hand quilted around the circular motifs and in the yellow patches using a gold thread to complement the gold printing on the fabric but in hindsight that wasn't such a good idea as it was difficult to keep an even tension.

Clarice Cliff quilt detail
The finished quilt.

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