Hand pieced Quilt - 34 years in the making!

This project began life in 1977. I know that because some of the papers used inside the patches had adverts for nursery equipment, baby feeding advice and the contact details for Gravesend Maternity hospital. Others had Adult Education brochure pages from 1999. The project was finally completed in June 2011.

I decided that the patches alone made the quilt big enough so I didn't add a border - besides as all the patches were cut from either left-overs from other projects or discarded clothing it seemed wrong to buy new fabric to finish the quilt so I just made a bias binding cut from a dark red cotton shirt found in a charity shop. Whilst some of the hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired there are lots of memories here.

quilt quilt
Randomly placed hexagons all stitched together by hand, machine quilted.

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