Henry Escott and Mary Fear
my 3 x gt grandparents

Henry was born about 1780 in Old Cleve, son of William and Mary Escott, he died in Stowey in February 1851.
Marywas born in 1876 in Stanton Drew, daughter of Richard and Mary Fear, and died in Stowey in 1858

Henry and Elizabeth were married in January 1804 at Stowey, Somerset - a tiny village about ten miles south of Bristol with a population of about 200 people, about 50 miles from where Henry was born in Old Cleeve.

Henry was a labourer/gardener and also held the position of Parish Clerk in Stowey for about forty years, though he couldn't write! Apparently the Parish Clerk's duties were about caring for the church grounds, washing surplices and lighting the fire in winter; more like what we think of as a verger's job. Accounts and records for Stowey were written by the Church Wardens or the Vicar.

Stowey Church

The church of St Nicholas and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Stowey where Henry was Parish Clerk.

The 1811, 1821 and 1829 censuses for Stowey have survived and although they only list the head of household and totals of male and female residents it is possible to reconstruct the Escott houshold for each year:

In 1841their married daughter Martha and her three children (but not her husband Samuel) were living with Henry and Mary. Also in their household was an illegitimate grandson Francis, bapt 7 August 1825, son of their daughter Mary. By 1851 Francis and his new wife and baby were still living with Mary.

Known children of Henry and Mary:

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