Kenneth George Bowles and Fanny Ethel Munn
my paternal grandparents

Ken was born at Forge House Headcorn in November 1887 to George and Emily Bowles, Fanny at Eliott Street, Milton in July 1887 to Richard and Helen Munn.

Family lore is that Fanny had been working away from home (in the Headcorn /East Sutton Area) because of the war, and met Ken, a blacksmith and concientious objector as a result. They were married at Milton in June 1919.

The marriage only lasted a few years then Fanny, with the children, went back to her family home in Milton. She continued living with her unmarried brother and sister until their deaths in 1960 and 1961.

Ken died in Plumstead, London in 1957 and Fanny at Gravesend in 1980.

Children of Ken and Fanny:

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