George Bowles and Emily Reed
my great grandparents

George was baptized at Chart Sutton KEN in October 1851, son of George and Hannah Bowles.
He aged quite slowly: by April 1881 he was only 27 and in February 1887 he was still only 30.

Emmie was born to William and Sophia Reed at Willesborough KEN in April 1863, and baptized there eight weeks later. She gave her age correctly as 23 when she married George at Willesborough in February 1887.

George Bowles c1920 Emily Reed c1953
The photo of George was taken c1920, the one of Emmie c1935.

George was a blacksmith working Ulcombe Forge.
They lived at East Sutton, and in her later years Emmie lived at Loose.

George died October 1930, Emily in February 1948.
They are buried at East Sutton.

Children of George and Emily:
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