Terry's Family Tree

Until recently I have done very little reseach into Terry's family.
The Paternoster and Spenceley lines have been extensively researched by cousins and although I don't have detailed information the others have taken some lines back as far as the fifteenth century.

Until April 2019 the Morgan side were firmly behind that proverbial brick wall. With only the name of a Canadian soldier it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Frank Morgan, but his initals were GFL Morgan, served with Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, and crucually he was stationed in Chatham, Kent during summer/autumn 1943 before being posted to Germany and then Holland, but that was all we knew. Even the small bundle of letters we have yielded no genealogical clues other than a letter signed "your loving sister Olive" which I think was probably given to Jean so that she had a contact address in England, but no photograph.

In 2019 an autosomal DNA test was taken and the results were stunningly good. The top three matches are brothers, Terry's half nephews, and two of them have public trese with enough information to know immediately that at last we had found the correct family. Their father was George Morgan 1938-2008 and his father was
George Frank Lionel Morgan 1914-1986.
I could see that Frank had been married to Carrie, had the one child, George, then divorced in 1942 and remarried after the war to Kathleen and they had another three sons.

After decades of knowing very little there has been contact with a whole new branch of the family in Canada and we have seen photographs for the first time although there is unlikely to be any big meetings like you see on TV programmes.

There is a very strong facial resemblance, especially when they were younger..

George Morgan aged 23 Frank aged 37 Terry aged 22
George aged 23
Frank aged about 37
Terry aged 22


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