Card with Stitched Frame


This card was made for a DoCrafts forum challenge to make a card with an oval frame, a butterfly and a ribbon.

The oval frame on this card was stitched using Madeira Rayon 30s. The pattern was designed using Adobe Illustrator and the 2mm grid I use for torchon lace patterns.

Click for a free printable .pdf file of similar oval and circular edgings suitable for cardmaking.

Choose the size you wish to use, cut out with a small margin all round and position over the front of your card bland and hold in place with a few small pieces of low-tack tape (from a post-it note or press ordinary sellotape to your clothing to reduce the stickiness.

Use a pricking tool to prick each dot through the card - use a cork board or upside down foam mouse mat to protect the work surface. Be careful to prick each dot accurately and hold the pricker vertically.

Stitch the design following my card as a guide. Make sure all ends are sevured on the reverse; use sellotape if necessaary.