Changing Colours of .jpg Images using Photoshop and Pages

"" yellow image ""
The original image for this project came from a Craft Creations magazine CD. It is a large .jpg file with additonal pieces for decoupage.
pink and yellow lilac and yellow peach and yellow aqua and yellow

I took the image into a Pages document (part of Apple's iWork suite). From there I clicked 'View' on the top bar and 'Adjust Image'.
Using the Tint and Temperature sliders the dully saturated part of the image rmained yellow but the lower saturated background changed colour as shown above.


lilac purple peach aqua

By reducing the saturation the whole image changes colour when the Temperature and Tint sliders are moved.

Because I couldn't change the colour of the dress - the fully saturated part of the image - using Pages I opened the original image in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I have an old version of Photoshop Elements, the newer versions should do at least as well.

blue image green image red image purple image
Using Photoshop Elements I changed the colour of the image.
Click Enhance on the top bar -> Adjust Colour -> Hue/Saturation. Move the Hue slider the change the colour.


"" "" "" ""
"" "" "" ""
"" "" "" ""
"" "" "" ""
Finally I opened each of the new coloured inages in Pages and repeated 'View' -> 'Adjust Image' and moved the sliders to get a variety of different coloured backgrounds. Moving the saturation slider as well would have made a lot more variations.
All from one yellow image.


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