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The wedding of Emma and Jason
15th June 2002

at St Mary the Virgin, Chalk

Leah and Paige
Leah and Paige were the little bridesmaids

Men2 - 26Kb
Jason, and his Dad Brian, went to the church first, with the ushers, Dean and Andrew.

Bridesmaids - 76Kb
All the bridesmaids went to the church

Brenda and Lucy - 14Kb
Mum came too

Emma and Terry - 26Kb
Then Emma and her Dad, Terry arrived and we all went inside the church for the wedding service.

Signing the Register - 19Kb
Emma and Jason signed the marriage register

Outside the Church Door - 40Kb
Outside the church again

Garden - 24Kb
There were photos taken in the church garden

Reception - 25Kb
Then we went to BAESystems Sports & Social Club for the reception.

Jason's Speech - 24Kb
After the meal Jason made a speech.

Cutting the Cake - 34Kb
Emma and Jason cut their cake.

The first dance - 12Kb

In the evening there was dancing

Brenda Terry Dance - 15Kb Brenda Jason Dance - 25Kb Terry Brenda - 21Kb
and more dancing

James,Maria,Lucy & Emmm - 29Kb
A good time was had by all

James - 27Kb
James enjoyed the evening

Lucy, Marie, Leah & Paige - 27Kb
and so did the bridesmaids

Lucy & Dean's wedding photos § Marie and Andrew's wedding photos

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