FEAR Cousins

The FEAR family of Chew Magna in Somerset, headed by John FEERE and his wife Alice who lived at Knowle Hill and Bishop's Sutton in the early sixteenth century have numerous descendants around the world.

Those researching their FEAR ancestry include:

Brenda Brenda's email Brenda's descent from John & Alice FEERE
Tam Tam's email Tam's wife descends from John & Alice FEERE
Eirwen Eirwen's email Eirwen's descent from Francis FEAR & Frances BROWNING
Patsy patsy's email Patsy's descent from John & Alice FEERE
Christine "" Christine's descent from John & Alice FEERE

If you too descend from the FEARs of Chew Magna please contact me and I will add you to this list.

Email addresses are displayed as .gif images which will not be seen by the spam robots so you will not recieve automated junk emails as a result. Should you wish to contact someone on this list you will need to type their full email address into your mail program.

Individual's descent pages will open in a new window and contain minimal information.

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