Thomas Lovel and Fanny Fearall Saunders
my 2 x gt grandparents

Thomas was baptized at Hayes, Middlesex in June 1816, son of Samuel and Susannah Lovel.
Fanny was baptized at Swanscombe in December 1815, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia Saunders.

They were married at Hammersmith, Middlesex in October 1838. Presumably they were both attracted to London for employment although Thomas was only a labourer at the time.

They moved back to nearer her childhood home, living first at Gravesend, in Robert Street, then at 'River Wall' Denton, which was situated between the Ship & Lobster Pub and the Mill, and then at 52 Brunswick Road, Milton.

Robert Street
Robert Street, where Thomas and Fanny lived in 1842, just before demolition in the 1960s. The road is now buried beneath the St George's shopping centre, named after the church in the background of this picture; the church where Fanny's younger siblings were baptized.

In 1861 Thomas was a milkman, and in 1871 a cowkeeper. The dairy business in Elliott Street, Milton which he founded was continued by his son-in-law Richard Munn.

Fanny died in May 1879, and Thomas in January 1885. They are buried in Gravesend cemetary.

Thomas and Fanny's grave
The grave of Thomas and Fanny in 1999.
The headstone disappeared sometime in the previous 20 years.

Known children of Thomas and Fanny:

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