Roger Fairall and Mary
my 6 x gt grandparents

Roger Fairall and his wife Mary lived in Goudhurst, but little is known of them apart from the baptisms of two children, William in March 1722/3 and John in October 1725 and a reference to the overseers of the poor paying Roger six shillings for dressing hemp in 1726.

Roger and Mary both died young, Mary was buried at Goudhurst in October 1729. The parish register does not mention the cause of her death, but 1729 - 1730 saw a major eidemic of influenza which had spread from Russia and eastern Europe. If she were pregnant, which is quite likely given that her younger child was by then four years old, she would have been especially susceptible to the virus. Roger too was buried at Goudhurst, in May 1730, but it seems unlikely that he was a victim of influenza as the parish overseers had given him financial help "in sickness" three months earlier and a month before he died they had made arrangements for "keeping Fairall's children".


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