Unidentified Family Photographs

I have four unidentified old photographs, all faded sepia in colour, which were found along with other pictures of my Grandma's family. I suspect that some, if not all, are of her grand parents, ie my gt gt grand parents who were Richard Munn & Elizabeth Holdaway and Thomas Lovel and Fanny Saunders

Man 1870s back of photo
Photograph size 2 ½ inches x 4 inches, mounted on stiff card.

This photo dates between 1873 and 1878 when the photographer, Maull & Co, was operating from 187a Picadilly and 62 Cheapside.
If this man is one of my 2 x gt grandfathers I feel it is more likely to have been Thomas Lovel, who by the 1870s was well established as a dairy proprieter in Milton-Gravesend and was the more likely of the two men to have had a photograph taken in London.

Man outdoors back of photo
Image 2 ¾ inches x 3 ½ inches cut to fit oval mount 5½ inches x 4 inches and mounted on very thick card.

An outdoor photograph, possibly a little earlier than the first one but could easily have been Richard Munn who lived in the Gravesend area nearly all of his adult life and worked as a market gardener.

Image 2 inches x 3¼ inches, shiny print on thin card glued to very stiff card.
The facial features look more like my gt grandfather, Dick Munn, than like gt grandmother, Helen Lovel so this *may* be his mother Elizabeth Holdaway who was marrried in Chatham, so a visit to a photographer in Rochester was not unlikely.

2nd woman
4 inches x 3 inches, thin card

If these photographs are of all four of Grandma's grandparents, then by the process of elimination this would be Fanny Fearall Saunders; also the facial features are more like Fanny's daughter Helen Lovel.

Dick Munn Helen Munn ne Lovel
For comparison these are Fanny Ethel's parents;
Richard (Dick) Munn and Helen Munn nee LOVEL.

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