Bobbin Lace

Bobbin lace falls naturall into two main groups; Continuous (or straight,or yardage) lace is started with x number of bobbins which continue throughout the length of the piece of lace (nermally) without additions. Sectional or non-continuous lace is made with a fewer number of bobbins and is worked a section at a time. As each motif is completed the bobbins are cut off and re-attached to work the next section. The various parts of the lace are joined together with bobbin 'sewings' as and when necessary according to the design.

In continuous the pattern elements motifs are grouped together in a decorative way and they are held together by a meshground (background) or guipure bars. It is the mesh or guipure which plays an important part of identifying a piece of lace. In sectional laces the type and arrangement of the motifs is more important but the various meshes or guipure may also be present as fillings within or between the motifs.

point ground square tallies kat stitch honeycomb torchon honeycomb
Point ground net
worked CTTT p, but
probably worked without pins
Point ground net
with square tallies
Kat stitch
Diagonal crossings worked CT p CT
Vertical threads worked
CTCT without a pin
worked CTT p CTT
Honeycomb in torchon
Oval holes result from
45° working angle.
sample worked CT p CTT
torchon ground Dieppe ground ring net or twisted hole ground Mechlin ground Valenciennes ground
Torchon ground
worked CT p CT
Dieppe ground
worked CT p CTT
Spanish Ground or Ring Net
worked CTT p CTT
Mechlin ground worked
probably without pins
Valenciennes ground
diagonal meshes
horizontal meshes
Five hole ground snowball ground plaits plaits petals
Five hole ground
in Flanders lace
Snowball ground
in old Binche/Flemish
Plain plaits in
in Bedfordshire
Picoted plaits
in Le Puy lace
Petals and plaits
in Cluny lace

Point Ground Laces

r1c1 r1c2 B7 r1c4 r1c5 r1c6
r2c1 r2c2 Bucks edging
with Kat stitch
width 19cm
r2c4 r2c5 r2c6

Four Pairs to the Pin Laces

B49 B74 B43 r1c4 r1c5 r1c6
Flemish c1710
with snowball and
five hole grounds.
width 5cm
Valenciennes with
square ground
Mme Huguette Glacet
width 1.5cm
Flandern with
cane ground
edging width 3cm
r2c4 r2c5 r2c6

Other Grounded Laces

B54 B46
width 7.5cm
Maltese including
the cross of St John
20cm x 20cm
Guipure Laces
B10 B23 B33 B70 B69 B64
Cluny edging
with rolled tallies
width 11.5cm
Cluny with
Venetian braid
Diam 19cm
Le Puy edging
width 7.5cm
Le Puy with
plaited ground
width 14cm
BedsMaltese with
rose ground filling
width 7cm
Bedfordshire with
Raised petals
made by Ruth Sayer

Sectional Laces
B31 B58 B29
Brussels Mixed with
Point de Gaze insert
width 12cm
Honiton Guipure
with needle bars
and raised work
width 12cm
Honiton Guipure
with plaited bars
width 11cm

Tape Laces

B24 r1c2 r1c3 r1c4 r1c5 r1c6
Katherine of Aragon
lace with a single
heavy gimp
in each tape
width 5cm
r2c2 r2c3 r2c4 r2c5 r2c6

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