Francis Fowler and Sarah (or Jane) Edwards
my 5 x gt grandparents

Francis was baptised 23 March 1715 in Stanton Drew, son of Francis and Mary Fowler.

There is a composite parish register for Stanton Drew 1720-1765 and a duplicate composite register 1740-1752.
One of them records:'Sarah Edwards was married to Francis Fowler April 26th 1742',
the other records 'Jane Edwards was married to Francis Fowler April 26th 1742'.

The baptisms of all of the children are recorded as son or daughter of Mr Francis Fowler with no mother's name.

Mr Francis Fowler was buried 31 December 1775 at Stanton Drew and there was a burial of Sarah Fowler on 28 February 1779.

Known children of Francis and Sarah,

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