Lace Exchanges

Over the years I have received quite a few pieces of lace made by Arachne members through Secret Pal and Christmas ornament exchanges. I know who sent me some of the pieces but alas I no longer remember who sent some of the Christmas ornaments.

If you recognise an unidentified item do please let me know who the maker was.

ring 1
ring 2

Unidentified from a card exchange.


Unidentified from a card exchange.


ring 3 Lorri's ring

Made by Mary Robinson of Nebraska USA this hung over the front of a card showing a Christmassy hearth.



This is from Lorri Ferguson's card last year. She scanned it and used a print to make her card and then attached the lace in front of its image.



Fine Withof lace in a 6"-15cm ruler from Liduina Jamotte of Belgium, a Secret Pal Gift.



Crochet bookmark from a Secret Pal - I think it was Maxine Diffey in New Zealand.


This corsage was a Secret Pal gift was from alice Howell in Oregon USA. The colours are just right to go with the BL bag I made and so I have worn it on several occasions.