Lace Guild Convention 2006 at St Aidan's College, Durham

These are the Arachnes who were present during the Friday evening "Lace-in"

Back row - left to right
Amanda Richards
Leonard Bazar
Milada Marshall
Malvary Cole
Jacqui Tinch
Brenda Paternoster
Heather Moloney
Ottawa, Canada
Medway, Kent
North Hertfordshire

Front row - left to right
Sheila Brown
Angela Steinhousen
Dianne Derbyshire
Bridget Marrow
Eve Morton
Anne Drew
Sawbo' Hertfordshire
North Hertfordshire


Tangram Competition

This year the convention competition was lace tangrams.

The first prize was won by Arachne Eve Morton for her entry "Septimus". Well done Eve.















Convention Workshops

This is my sampler from the "Beads and Bobbin Lace" workshop with Jan Tregidgo on Friday afternoon - showing several different ways of attaching beads to bobbin lace.

This is my twisty which I made during Adrienne Thunder's "Twist and Turn" workshop on Sunday morning. We used plastic covered telephone wire as outer passives with a variety of different threads.

I made mine into a brooch which I wore for the rest of the day.


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