m Martha WOOLLETT (b 1683) at Newnham
Robert COUCHMAN born 1722 at Newnham
Mar Ann COUCHMAN (b 1731/20 at Lenham


mar Frances HAYS or ARGO 1730, Lenham
Anne COUCHMAN born 1731/2 at Lenham
Mar Robert COUCHMAN born 1722 at Newnham


Robert COUCHMAN 1764-1850 of Lynsted (son of Robert COUCHMAN & Ann COUCHMAN)
Mar 1 Frances SMITH (1860-1884)
Mar 2 Catherine MITCHELL  at Canterbury St George 1790

John COUCHMAN born 1794 Lynsted
Mar Harriett HILLS (1794-1883) at Maidstone All Saints 1817

Charles COUCHMAN born c1827
Mar 1 Mary SMOOKER (1826-1861) at Chalk 1852
Mar 2 Harriet DUFF 1863

Herbert COUCHMAN 1855-1927
Mar Mary LEWING at Strood 1880

Leonard George COUCHMAN 1904-1972
Mar Irene Sarah ROWING                                      

Herbert James COUCHMAN
Mar Ellen Veronica THIRWALL