Meopham Green Artists

The temporary home for our little group during the Coronavirus crisis.
Please send photos of your work - paintings and any other creations - to

Steves's Scotney Castle

This is Steve's watercolour of Scotney Castle.


Tracy's inspiration Tracy's paintings
Tracy has been taking her inspiration from Clarice Cliff. Here is a closer look at her own paintings.


Kathleen's tulips

This is Kathleen's painting, some lovely fresh spring tulips.


ten rings

four rings

It's Tuesday today, so I spent the afternoon painting - as I did on Sunday, so two pictures to show.
Still on the Art Deco theme I've been looking at the work of Robert and Sonia Delauney and came up with these two, very loosely based on their work.

Circles and Rythm. Both are acrylic on paper and although I think the accuracy of the brushwork is poor when you look at a close-up of their work it's very similar.



I have been busy making several of these!